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Pool Party

A Rob May Builders 'New Build' project—

Building Design

Welcome to an architectural masterpiece nestled in a highly coveted location. As you sweep up the drive, your eyes are drawn to the statement entrance, creating a sense of grandeur and timeless elegance. From the outside this new build boasts a modern colour palette and other details that hint of and highlight the vaulted ceilings and exposed trusses within. As the front door swings open, your gaze is effortlessly directed straight through to the backyard and glistening pool that's just waiting for the party. Along the way, you'll discover bespoke craftsmanship with old-style barn doors, statement fireplaces and modern kitchen. With multiple directions to explore though, this residence is a treasure trove of separate spaces that beckon discovery. Other areas include a crafted private master suite as well as separate wing for additional bedrooms and utility areas that showcase the Rob May Builders impeccable finishes and unwavering attention to detail. This home is a testament to how to create an impression of an established dwelling, seamlessly blending the charm of the home's heritage-inspired design with contemporary luxury showcasing a residence that surpasses all expectations.



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