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At Rob May Builders, we are extremely passionate about our local community.

Building Local

At Rob May Builders, our unwavering passion for our vibrant Cambridge community drives us to go the extra mile. We are deeply immersed in the energy that surrounds us, and we proudly call this place home. We not only build here, but we actively invest in its growth and prosperity. Over the years, our commitment has led us to sponsor an array of extraordinary endeavors: from cricket and football teams to netball and rugby squads; from inspiring school trips to empowering student initiatives; and from impactful fundraisers to supporting high-performance athletes. Our dedication knows no bounds when it comes to nurturing the very heartbeat of our community.


Committed to Giving Back

When you choose to build with Rob May, you not only support our dedicated team of builders and our local sub trades, but you also empower us to make a meaningful impact on our community. We are always eager and prepared to actively engage and contribute. Our commitment lies in assisting local clubs, teams, athletes, fundraisers, and students. We take pride in igniting positive initiatives and fostering a vibrant atmosphere within our community, which in turn benefits businesses and generates enthusiasm. We encourage you to reach out, suggest a cause or share the message of who would greatly benefit from our sponsorship. We eagerly await your contact and look forward to making a difference together!



Committed to Community

Join us on our adventure at Rob May Builders as we passionately support and give back to our vibrant Cambridge community. Stay connected and up-to-date with our latest endeavours on Facebook, where we share not only our ongoing projects but updates, other stories and news about events, causes and people we work with and champion.


“We build real buildings, for real people.”

With years of experience and a strong track record, Rob May Builders have established ourselves as a trusted name. We don’t mass produce, we focus on building just for you. We are big enough to handle any project however, small enough to bring a personal touch to every job.

We live here, we build here. Building what you want, how you want it...

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