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Building Quality

Since the beginning, Rob May Builders have worked hard to establish a strong presence in the construction industry. We consistently deliver high-quality projects and build a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.


Who Are We?

Rob May Builders is an award-winning building company founded by Jonathan and Paula McCullough in 2005. Rob May Builders have a proven reputation for producing a high standard of work as well as providing outstanding customer service across a wide range of building projects, from new homes to historic restorations, residential and commercial projects – with our experienced and reliable team we can make it happen for you.


Committed to You

Rob May Builders are committed to improving our industry, working with organisations like the Registered Master Builders Association, Site Safe, and BCITO to provide better outcomes onsite, safer working practices and an up-skilled workforce, giving you peace of mind to know that we meet the high standards required of Master Builders as well as providing you the 10-Year Master Build Guarantee.


The Rob May Way

At Rob May Builders we undertake every project with the care, attention and dedication as though it were for our own. We follow a strong and tested process to ensure you get the quality, guaranteed results. Depending on your project one or all of the following steps will be included to ensure we complete your project on time, on budget and to the highest standards.


  1. Initial Consultation — The process begins with an initial consultation where we chat about your project vision, requirements, and budget. We listen carefully to your ideas, offer insights, and provide guidance to help shape your project.

  2. Planning & Design — This phase involves working with architects, engineers and you to develop blueprints, create design concepts, and finalise the construction plans.

  3. Budgeting & Contract — This is the stage where we will provide you with a proposed cost estimate based on the project specifications. Once the budget is agreed upon, a contract will be drafted and signed so we can get cracking.


  1. Permitting & Approvals — Before construction can commence, the necessary permits and approvals need to be obtained from the local authorities. This involves submitting the plans for review and ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

  2. Site Preparation — Once the necessary permits are obtained, the construction site is prepared. This may include clearing the land, levelling the ground, and installing temporary utilities if needed.

  3. Foundation & Infrastructure — The next step is to lay the foundation for the building. This includes excavating the site, pouring concrete footings and walls, and installing the necessary infrastructure such as plumbing and electrical systems.


  1. Framing — Once the foundation is in place, the framing of the structure begins. This involves constructing the skeletal framework of the building using wood or steel beams. Walls, floors, and the roof are typically installed during this phase.

  2. Exterior & Interior Work — With the basic structure in place, the focus shifts to the exterior and interior work. This includes installing windows, doors, roofing, siding, and insulation for the exterior. Inside the building, the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are installed, and walls are finished with drywall.

  3. Finishes & Fixtures — The finishing touches are added during this phase. This includes installing flooring, cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, and appliances. Paint, trim, and other decorative elements are also added to complete the interior aesthetics.


  1. Building Inspections & Testing — Before the building is considered complete, it undergoes final inspections and testing to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. This may include but not limited to inspections of the electrical, plumbing, and structural components, as well as tests for fire safety and energy efficiency.

  2. Final Inspections & Completion — We thoroughly clean and inspect for ourselves looking for any last details. From here we meet with you, go through together and finalise anything you see.

  3. Handover & Occupancy — Once all inspections are passed, the building is ready for handover to you. The keys are handed over, and you can move in or begin using the space for its intended purpose.


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Building Dedication

Over the years, Rob May Builders has gained extensive experience and consistently adapted to changing trends. We stay updated with the latest construction techniques, materials, and design trends to deliver modern, functional, and beautifully built buildings. Our longevity in the industry has allowed us to develop a strong team with a deep understanding of the construction landscape, building codes, regulations, and best practices. 

Furthermore, we're committed to sustainable construction practices. We recognise the importance of environmentally friendly building methods and strive to incorporate eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions whenever possible. Our focus on sustainability not only benefits the environment but also helps clients reduce long-term operational costs.

Overall, Rob May Builders is a well known and trusted company who prioritise quality craftsmanship, client satisfaction, and sustainable construction practices. With our expertise and dedication, we continue to be a preferred choice for construction projects in the Waikato area.

Committed to the Future

There's early starts and some mucking in but one of the goals of Rob May Builders is to offer young people a path into the building industry. We regularly take on new apprentices who learn their trade on site while their theory side is overseen by B.C.I.T.O, ensuring they are kept up to date with the latest building codes and trade practices. For the future of New Zealand, we know it's critical we pass on our valuable knowledge to the next generation.

“We build real buildings, for real people.”

With years of experience and a strong track record, Rob May Builders have established ourselves as a trusted name. We don’t mass produce, we focus on building just for you. We are big enough to handle any project however, small enough to bring a personal touch to every job.

We live here, we build here. Building what you want, how you want it...

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