Bupa St Kilda Retirement Village, Cambridge

Bupa St Kilda Retirement Village

Situated just outside of Cambridge, this Bupa Care Services retirement village houses 67 self-contained villas, a central Community Centre and an adjacent Care Home. In partnership with Mike Greer Homes, Rob May Building oversaw the construction of the village from start to finish in a period of less than 12 months, and we, along with Bupa and their new residents, are thrilled with the look and quality of the finished result.
Completed village from the air, looking south-west towards Cambridge and beyond to Mt Pirongia on the horizon
The village has been carefully planned and laid out to make maximum use of the available space, while still keeping plenty of gardens and lawns and common areas to keep the rural village feel
Beginning of project, March 15, 2014. Lots and lots of bare dirt. And dust.
End of project, February 27 2015. Lots and lots of bricks and colorsteel and windows and gardens and lawns and driveways and more and more residents keen and eager to call Bupa St Kilda home.