Will the real Rob May please stand up?

So who is Rob May?

A certain question has come up several times in the past couple of weeks, and it's a question we're often asked when new people come across us. The question is: "So who is Rob May?" It's a good question, because you're first point of contact at Rob May will likely be Jono our manager, or Mark in the office, or Paula with an accounts enquiry, or Cam or Deryk in charge of a site, but you won't find Rob May anywhere. Where is he, and why is he never seen? Why doesn't he answer the phone? Even at the Waipa Business awards he wasn't seen? Where is Rob May?

Rumours abound, some say he started the firm back in 2005 before returning back to NASA and is now on the Space Station doing leaky building repairs. Another yarn says he and Jono served together back in Vietnam and he was mortally wounded, his dying request in Jono's arms was for him to start a building firm in his memory. Others suggest Rob May never existed but is an urban legend, a myth created simply to make email addresses easier to remember.

So what is the real truth behind the mystery of Rob May?

Well, the truth is Rob May does exist, and is alive and well, and not only lives among us but has a very real and active interest in Rob May Builders. He won't answer the phone, won't give you a quick quote on that bathroom reno, won't even chase your overdue accounts, but is very much involved. So who is Rob May?
When Jono and Paula began Rob May Builders back in 2005 Ashlin was 3 and Logan just a wee squirt, but this firm was named after them and was founded for them, because something that is massive to Jono and Paula is family and the values of a tight knit and caring family. Tayla came along a few years later, and while Jono was keen to name her Tayla Builders McCullough, Paula's common sense prevailed and so the McCullough family was completed.
Family is huge to the McCulloughs. It's obvious that their kids are a huge driving force behind the energy Jono and Paula put into the firm, but it goes beyond that to the way they treat those that work for them, those they work with and those they work for as an extension of their family. If you look after the McCullough's and work hard for them they'll look after you. As loyal as the day is long. Many customers have become good friends with friendships that last well beyond handover day. Suppliers know they will be treated fairly and honestly and shown loyalty if they show Jono and Paula the same values. Subcontractors are paid on time, helped out when needed, and are willing to help Rob May out when needed too. It's a great way to do business and a great thing to be a part of. It's like a community of people working towards a common goal: making new houses well, making old houses better, creating homes for good people and doing it with good old-fashioned family values of loyalty, honesty and integrity.

So what do the kids make of all this?

Well, they get to know Builder Deryk and Builder Isaac as they come and go, they get a 'good morning' from Builder Mark each morning as he comes into the office while they're eating breakfast, they've grown up seeing Builder Cam go from apprentice to tradesman to foreman, they're about to see Builder Luke go from apprentice to tradesman and are seeing the cycle begin again with Builder Liam. They see these guys treated well and they see them work hard in return.
The kids also see the important parts of their own worlds looked after: Logan and Tayla's school has a new notice board and the pool changing rooms have been nicely spruced up. Logan's soccer team and Ashlin's netball team proudly wear smart Rob May hoodies, Junior Cricket has Rob May sponsored playing shirts and when Ashlin starts Cambridge High next year Rob May will already be there supporting rugby and cricket in the school.

Why? Well, it's something Jono and Paula know they can do to make the community a better place because their hearts are in that, but it's also making a difference in the world of their kids and teaching them how important community is to our families. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, you could say it takes a community to build a house too. It's seeing people looking after each other and working together beyond just day to day tasks on a building site. Logan Rob and Ashlin May and Tayla Michelle see the values and beliefs of their parents at work in the firm that bears their names. A pretty cool legacy for them in inherit.